Thursday, December 31, 2009

Art Bags

I am so inspired by my daughter Sam's artwork; her imagination and creativity are limitless. I've incorporated her work with my sewing in our Art Bags.

The Pineapple Man, Happyville, Trevor, Pathos, and Skullgod bags were made using inkjet printable cotton.

 Pineapple Man Bag

Happyville Bag

Trevor Bag

Skull God Pouches

Pathos Pouch

The Googy Monster is screen printed on canvas.

Googy Monster Bag

The Night Swirls pattern is printed on cotton with Sam's hand-carved block.

Night Swirls Tri-Bag

The Hellbird was made with Transfer Artist Paper.

Hellbird Pouch

These bags feature the art of Sam Paolini